Our services

Our core services are listed below - scroll down for more details on each, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to assist, or point you in the right direction.

Product development

We can help develop your product by reviewing it against set criteria or your competitors.  Where needed, we can suggest simple changes which will ensure your product fulfils the needs of customers and legal standards.

Product documentation

From instruction manuals to packaging markings to full technical files, we are here to assist you in producing the right documentation to support your product.

Quality advice

Where faults do arise, we can advise you on what went wrong and how to prevent it.  In both design and production we can show how to build in quality and prevent likely defects.

Process control

As well as good design, you will want to ensure your product is consistently produced.  We can help you identify the simplest and most effective checks without introducing unnecessary cost and complication.

Training and support

We are not just here as experts, we want to help your team build their own expertise too.  So we are happy to share our knowledge by way of training or issue-specific support.

Product development

These are services we can offer to assist you in making sure your product is ‘right first time’ before you offer it for sale (either to retailers, or directly to the market).


Objective evaluation of you product (against criteria you choose)

Product appraisal generally means a formal evaluation of a sample of your product for:

  • Legal compliance (adherence to mandatory standards, regulations, directives etc.)
  • General safety (including foreseeable incorrect use)
  • Fitness for purpose (ease of use, performance under normal conditions)
  • General quality (suitability of construction, assembly quality, cosmetic defects)

The exact level/content of any appraisal and report can be tailored to your requirements.


See how your product compares

We can review or trial your product against parameters set by yourself – this may mean functionality, perceived quality, ease of use, likely durability, cost etc.  Or, in the case of benchmarking, we can review and compare in the context of competing products – key competitors can be defined by you, or we will suggest them for you.

Screen testing

Identify issues before certification

Screen testing means an evaluation of how likely your product is to pass formal testing – in effect it is ‘pre certification’ where we will check the product against common failure points and advise on any modifications required.  The advantage of this is that you can spot potential issues early and before you have incurred certification costs with labs.

(Note: we are not accredited to issue you with formal test certificates to standards, for this you should approach a suitably recognised test lab).

Product documentation

We are specialists in technical writing and will make sure your product gets the documentation it needs for the marketplace.

Instruction manuals and guides

We are experts in writing product instructions and will work with you to provide any level of content that you need – whether this be a simple one-page assembly guide, or correction of a foreign language draft, through to compilation from scratch of a detailed illustrated use manual to accompany your product.  

We will write instructions in clear, concise, accurate English that is easy to understand for your customers.  We will ensure that any mandatory or standard warnings are included in the correct form. 

We can follow your style guidelines, or, if required, help develop them for you.

We can also help you draft ‘quick start’ or ‘how to’ guides, or warranties/guarantee wording, if these are something you would like to include.

Product marking / packaging / claims

We can advise you on statutory markings (e.g. rating labels) and warnings (e.g. icons) that are required on your product and/or packaging together with any other markings which will aid with ease of use and avoiding misuse of the product.

We can also proof read information you are intending to provide on packaging (or other marketing material) to check it is accurate, consistent with the product and clear/meaningful to the customer.

Technical and legal documents

We can advise on what you need to build robust technical files and, where you or your suppliers have suitable documents, check, match and compile them for you. Similarly we can help you with what Declarations of Conformity (and similar documents for customs etc) are required, and assist you in their production.

Product quality advice

As well as design, we can assist you in ensuring production quality and eliminating defects.

Finding what went wrong

Fault diagnosis

Fault diagnosis is where we can evaluate sample(s) of your product which have ‘failed’ in use (may be customer return, or other unit(s) which have ceased to function correctly) and advise what has probably caused the ‘failure’ and whether it should be considered a ‘defect’ (issue which should not have occurred), ‘random failure’ or ‘misuse’.  We can also advise on modifications to the product which will result in the ‘fault’ being less likely to reoccur.

Checking production quality

Quality control

We can offer practical advice on which aspects of production are likely to be critical in affecting product performance or durability (or any other aspects which are likely to affect customer satisfaction), and suggest which types of QC check (and where in the process) are likely to be most effective in ensuring these aspects are kept in control.

If you are a distributor rather than manufacturer, we can advise on what sampling and checking methods (during production and on finished goods) are best suited to you achieving the quality level you desire.

Process documentation and control

You may be expert in your product, but not in drafting documentation.  This is where we can help translate your best practice into written records.

Process control analysis

We can look at your manufacturing process and advise the most suitable control measures at various points (e.g. IQC, assembly, final random inspection), as well as helping you identify critical control points (CCPs) in production.  Where checkpoints are desired, we can assist with defining reliable pass/fail criteria and Defect Classification Lists (DCLs).

Internal procedure writing

You will have your own business processes, but may not have them fully documented, or the documents you have may be outdated and not reflect current practice.  Where you need to document procedures (e.g. for QA accreditation, or outsourcing) we can help you write them so they are accurate, easily understood and up-to-date.

Product risk assessment

We can help you formally risk assess your products against hazards to end users, and also identify any production risks (e.g. raw materials, ethical, sustainability) which might adversely impact product quality or customer perception of your brand.

Training and support

We are not just here as experts, we want to help your team build their own expertise too.  So we are happy to share our knowledge by way of training or issue-specific support.


We can upskill your colleagues to help you develop your own team's expertise

We can provide bespoke training on quality, compliance and product technical issues according to your needs e.g. if you need to train your own product technologists on electrical evaluations, or your QC staff on sampling and testing, or your wider stakeholders on legal compliance.  Training can be delivered at your premises, online or both.

Compliance support

Staying safe and legal

Where you have a specific challenge regarding compliance (e.g. changes in standards/regulations, or an enforcement authority approach, or a possible product recall) we can offer specific guidance and advice, with no 'hidden agenda'.

Our rates

£ / hour

Our standard service is billed at an hourly rate (plus expenses) which you will find is very competitive.  Please contact us for a quotation.

£ / project

Alternatively, where a project is well defined we may be able to quote you an inclusive rate for delivery of a particular outcome (e.g. a product report, or delivery of a training course).  Please enquire if you would like to investigate this option.

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